Ate Von Hes

Born as Ate Matthijs Hes 1963 Oostzaan, the Netherlands.

lives and works in Utrecht @ Berlijnplein and on Instagram - YouTube - Facebook - Linkedin

Aliases: HongKongGeorge (your dumpster diving DJ)  Bandcamp - Discogs


1980 Cor Kakes, Zaandam, LTS metal engineering.

1982 NIL Mig/Mag basic.

1984 ADM Amsterdam, SOM Bemetel ship and construction building.

1985 LOI, Graphic design.

1996 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Drawing, Painting and Graphics.

Grants & Titles & Functions

2023 Board member Coöperatie Berlijnplein.

2022 Kringloper in de “ORDE VAN DE KROOSHEKKEN” Academie voor ‘Patafysica.

2002 BKVB, Basis stipendium ( nowadays: Mondriaan fund )

Exhibitions, Performances, publications & workshops


> Groeten uit Leidsche Rijn, five postcards commissioned by RAUM for the Peinotheek.

> RUMBLE episode 1 RUMBLE is a two-night live performance event initiated en organized by HKU fine art students in collaboration with teachers and other professional artists.
> DE STEIL (Kisman/Von Hes) live performance @ Centraal Museum for Max his solo exhibition.
> A two hour Vj loop for the grand opening of Tiger Gym Centrum.

> Performance “De Beet” or how we will solve all the problems in this country. 

Debate between: PTDK represented by @enzodaviduh and @partijvoordekunst represented by @victorcrepsley and @atevonhes, chairwoman: Luna van der Linde. Held during @halfpastoe performance based multidisciplinary art event 21/02 @hku.fineart. (another insta link)

> Teambuilding collage workshop with the folks from AS Watson.

> Together with Monika D. we are Partij voor de Kunst on Instagram.

> Article with me @ DUIC about the future of Berlijnplein.

> Workshop recyclisme with Galerie Larik at de Nijverheid.

> Benstervank & TrouwenVongen, perceptie #4, with Max Kisman the literary matinee.

> DE STEIL (Kisman/Von Hes) live @ Galerie Larik during AITW Live Factory by Andre Smits 

> Gomer Zasten, perceptie #3, with Max Kisman the summer matinee at Het Nut @ Berlijnplein.
> DE STEIL (Kisman/hes) live @ Wobby Club Night @ De Nachtzuster.

> Article on me by De Plaatsmaker.

> Gomer Zasten (Kisman/Von Hes) live stream from Andre's AITW-HUBSA-AIR/Goes

> Gomer Zasten ((Kisman/Von Hes) live @ galerie raam-maar Rotterdam.

> "Make your own household robot" workshop during WEKEA by RAUM @ Berlijnplein.

> Collage Workshop "Voor boven de bank" during WEKEA by RAUM @ Berlijnplein.

> VJ’ing wit Dj DNA at The Iconic Album night, Tienen Belgium.

> Collage video for "Onze stad, ons canvas 2023" @ 6 year of RAUM birthday conference.

> Lente MoonSchaak, Perceptie #2, with Max Kisman spring matinee at Het Nut @ Berlijnplein.

> Two sessions @ the live portal by Museum for the United Nations UN Live @ Berlijnplein.

> Rocket Egg for group show Eggshibition @ Vogelfrei playground by Brouwerij 't IJ.
> 4 hour VJ set with Dj DNA & Friends at Hiphop Nite @ dB's Utrecht.

> VJ’ing with Dj DNA & Eternal of Wu-Tang killa beez @ NAR cafe der Kunsten

> Nieuwjaars Perceptie #1, with Max Kisman an alternative new year's reception at the schrootjeskeet @ Berlijnplein.

> I’am regular booked as Dj, spinning soul, jazz, disco and wierd stuff, both from vinyl and digital.


> Un-public 92, with Har$, Ronald Nijhof and Yungwei Chen @ schrootjeskeet @ Berlijnplein.

> Berst Korrel an alternative Christmas party at the schrootjeskeet @ Berlijnplein.

> 2e place in this challenge for Provincie Overijssel via Makers Platvorm Online.

> 36 thrift shop t-shirts with addad text: "Laten we wel wezen" in collaboration with Galerie Larik.

> Closing Dj set at NAR cafe der kunsten during Circus Fiasco for OP& Utrecht.

> Ongoing Recycling of thrift shop paintings by adding things to them and selling them again.

> 20 thrift shop t-shirts with added text: "Ja zeg, zo kan ik het ook" for sale @ Berlijnplein.

> Four page article in the Arti et Amicitiae magazine, curated by Gabriel kousbroek.

> VJ’ing wit Dj DNA @“Mental Floss For The GlobeIconic Albums night @ Effenaar Eindhoven.

> Group show Keep it Clear @ ACEC Apeldoorn Curated by Bas Fontein & Guido Nieuwendijk.

> Two recyclism workshops @ ACEC Apeldoorn

> Covid safe live set VJ’ing with Dj DNA on a 5 hour livestream from dB's Utrecht.


> Realisation Monument 4&5 Mei Berlijnplein Utrecht, NOS, AD, RTVUtrecht, DUIC, Telegraaf.

> “Yes! you can do that” recyclism workshop for Mixed Lions Utrecht.

> VJ’ing wit Dj DNA @ “Mental Floss For The Globe Iconic Albums night at the Helling Utrecht.

> Un-public #76, with FPCM and Har$, at Boven 't Y, Amsterdam.

> Item on EditieNL (national tv) featuring the 4&5 May memorial monument

> Article in newspaper Telegraaf on the making of the 4&5May memorial Monument

> VJ’ing wit Dj DNA, a 5 hour live stream due to corona from dB's Utrecht.

> Kunstlint, the Corona safe art in shop window route Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.

> Online presentation “Super 8, what’s it about ?” At Ontbijtnetwerk Utrecht

> “Yes! you can do that” recyclism workshop for children Achter de Regenboog.

> 125 audio tracks to the OOKOI audio stream for zaal 5 @ STDUIO Arti.

> “Yes! you can do that” recyclism workshop for Jochem vd Bergh @ Vondelparc

> “Spruitjes park” collage and drawings for Anus magazine by Gabriel Kousbroek.

> video course for kids “En…Actie!” For Leidsche Rijn “Vakantie Doe Boek

> Nieuwe kunst van oude schilderijen Museum Castellum Hoge Woerd, Utrecht.

> Article on recyclism in the Brug, local newspaper, Utrecht.

> Article on recyclism in leidsche rijn news, local newspaper, Utrecht.

> Article in newspaper Telegraaf “Nieuwe kunst met Tjitske’s monsters”

> 3 workshops “Yes! you can do that” at Museum Castellum Hoge Woerd Utrecht.

> Un-public #61 30 July in Arti et Amicitiae, With Jul Neirynck, Maya Mertens, Gersande Schellinx , Tim Benjamin, FPCM and Har$.

Recyclism Works sold

From 2018 on i have sold several recycled paintings

For a accurate list see recyclism for sale

Assignments & Collab's 

Music video Bad Trip by El Zombie

Video with Lisan Beune for Makersplatform.

2022: Video to promote the  "Laten We Wel Wezen" t-shirts in cooperation with galerie Larik.

Three video's for De Bedrijfswagen garage, Harmelen.

Music video St Stooge by El Zombie

Music video Rock 'n' roll alien by El Zombie

Music video Delectroid By DJ DNA

2021: Music video WOKE ! By DJ DNA ft. ShiNRI tEE and bFAKE

Video report for online Dodenherdenking during corona, Stichting 4 en 5 mei Leidsche Rijn

2020:music video I'm a ghost by El Zombie

music video Depressor Man - El Zombie

music video Schön und Dunkel by DJ DNA

music video TBS DUB (live at Altrecht) by DJ DNA

Podcast productie voor Aranea Advies

Video report for online Dodenherdenking during corona, Stichting 4 en 5 mei Leidsche Rijn 

2019:music video Love to the bottom by Mondroof

2018: 4&5 Mei monument, scale 1:1 from waste cardboard, for fundraiser presentation.

2017: Welcoming robot for De Greenland b.v.

2016: First sketch for a memorial monument, Stichting 4 en 5 mei Leidsche Rijn.

Music video Kraftwerk Vocoder (DJ Dmitry Remix) by bFAKE ft Dj DNA

Other activities

2021: Participation session “Art in public space” 2021-2030, Municipality of Utrecht

2012: from 2009 till 2021 i made most of the video content for Mitros (now Woonin)
2010: from 2008 i did promotional and instruction video’s for local entrepreneurs,

2012: from 2012 to 2017 i was a founding member of local work spot “zpot De Meern” 

Shows and screenings older than 4 years

2011: BYOB (Bring your own beamer), MU , Eindhoven

2010: Solo exhibit “Megapool”@ Extrapool, Nijmegen

Best of Rotterdam VHS Festival @Trade Gallery, Nottingham, UK

2009: rampoi 5380 featured @ HDfestwebsite.

2008: Test Portal, ‘Walls no Walls’ @ NDSM, tijdelijk museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Best of Rotterdam VHS Festival @ Version 08 festival, Chicago, USA

Ketel tv, lokale tv Rotterdam

Broadcast “1 hour of Ate von Hes" @ Citizens Television Inc., New Haven (CT) USA.

Rotterdam VHS Festival #15, Rotterdam

Blindemuur # 24 + # 25  Cinema Punaise prikt in de oogjes, Chassé Theater, Breda

2007: Lekart, Culemborg

De Wereld van Witte de With, Rotterdam

State of the Image festival, Arnhem

ketel tv, local television, Rotterdam

Polderlicht, Amsterdam

KIOZK, Grote Kerk, Oostzaan

park4dtv pocketmovies, Amsterdam 

Live audio stream from my studio to "Raudioscoop Placard" by park4dtv Raudio

2006: intentionally left blank, t' Hoogt, Utrecht

Test portal @ ground one festival, Den Haag

Rotterdam VHS Festival #12, Rotterdam

With Planet-art en Park4dtv @ kunstvlaai #6, Amsterdam

Letzte Stunde @ Cinematiek 12, T' hoogt Utrecht

Rotterdam VHS Festival #11, Rotterdam

Live performance with Ookoi  @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

6 plunderphonics for the official park4dtv Raudio Comission

Leader voor FLOSSsound VHDG, Leeuwarden.

2005: Synaesthesiologists @ Test-Portal @ NDSM, Amsterdam

Niet Werkende Robot at NightGallery, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam

PAUZE!, Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Rotterdam VHS Festival #10, Rotterdam

Beluga Recordings, MEERtv, Utrecht

Letzte Stunde at Impakt AV-BBQ, Utrecht

rampoi 5380 at Cinematiek #8, T' hoogt utrecht

rampoi 5380 at Dutch Open International Festival for Film and Video-Art, Amsterdam

Raudio #05, #06, park4dtv Raudio

2004: rampoi 5380 @ Zero Gravity TV party, Singapore Art museum, Singapore

Synaesthesiologists global audiovisuals now, Virginia Film Festival, Charlottesville, USA

Synaesthesiologists global audiovisuals now, New York video festival. New York, USA

VPRO nachtpodium: VPRO National television

Kunstvlaai #5, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

IVCOD transforms an autistic robot at "Collage" multidisciplinary art festival, Amsterdam

Raudio #02, Park's Raudio 24/7 one-audio-thing-mainstream

2003: IVCOD op Bellisima , Bellisima tv, Amsterdam

IVCOD Offices & Showdown @ Test-Portal, NDSM, Amsterdam

Discosalon, Expodium, Utrecht

One minutes #42, the one minutes, Amsterdam.

Two video’s voor Gasunie Ster en Cultuur, MNWR en Scratch, Dutch National Television

1999: Eenpersoons raket @ Kunstvlaai 3, Amsterdam

Assignments and Activities older than 4 years

2014: Far Far Away Stumix by DJ DNA ft. KURTIS BLOW 

In the Car by bFAKE & DJ DNA

2011: first price in “Driving Electric, how does that sound?” by Siemens and BMW Group.

Two pages donated to 404 sponsoring.

2009: Soundtrack for Cornelis Jetses exhibit by hAAi bv and Onderwijs Museum, Rotterdam.

2008: Cd cover voor 5 jaar Rebelbass weblog door Dj Lady Aida.

Beluga Recordings released my HKG Dumpsterphonics album "Huckin Fell

2007: DOP for HEMA TV commercials 1 & 2 with director Morad Bouchakour

Soundtrack voor "de nieuwe praktijk" animaties van hAAi bv for Ministerie VWS.

2005: Soundtrack voor “Holland”  DVD van hAAi bv. Ministerie V&W, Den Haag.

2004: 3 time machines made from waste for hAAi bv, museum Dubbele Palmboom, Rotterdam.

2003: Custom desk for 2d3d ontwerpbureau, Den Haag.

2002: Sound design for exhibition "FEEST" by Morad Bouchakour, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

1998: Together with Pieter W. Postma we was IVCOD,

Works sold older than 4  years

2011: WTF Kandelaar, net speak candle stand for Internet outages, recycled steel.

LOL kandelaar, net speak candle stand for Internet outages, recycled steel.

2010: MGK2 & Mtv, auctioned by Art Flow for Pakistan, Rotterdam

LLMRS, Leave Me Alone Sign for the open office.

2009: Uitkruis 2x, Crucifixes made of burnt emergency way out arrow signs.

2002: Single seat rocket to Dikke Deur Collection, Den Haag.