here's a selection of art i made or thought up, some fore sale, some lost, some only as idea.

Tegen het zere been
Idee voor een monument tegen het zere been. Inclusief promotie poster om draagvlak te vergaren, ontwerp schets en een text dia met toelichting. suggesties voor plaatsen die hier voor in aanmerking komen graag delen in uw reacties ! #alternatief #kunstwerk #beeldhouwen #moderne #kunst #draagvlak #voor #tegen #zeer #monument #meezitten #tegenzitten #park #idee #tekoop #echtietsvoorhierkunst

Idea for a monument against the sore leg. Includes promotional poster to gain peoples support, design sketch and a text slide with explanation. Suggestions for places that need this monument, please share them in your comments! #alternative #work of art #sculpting #modern #art #support #for #adversity #monument #park #idea #forsale #reallygreatart

The dental practice doorbell.

Finaly here's the working prototype doorbell, made with a reused pair of false teeth.

Laten We Wel Wezen (Let'sFace it )

Let's face it, 37 unique shirts, for sale @ galerielarik and @schrootjeskeet @berlijnpleinutrecht @ my studio.
Be quick, because #lletsfaceit, gone = gone!

€35 per shirt, whether it is a #lacoste polo or a shirt from #zeeman. #lletsfaceit.

#latenwewelwezen #atevonhes #galerielarik #uniekeshirts #utrecht #kunst #op=op #screendruk #kapitaal #leidscherijn

Cucumber Glasses.

The glasses for those who have seen it all !
Sometimes we all could use a pair.
Not for sale (can't find them anymore)

That painting is much better !

this painting was made especially for group exhibitions, it indicates that the painting next to this one, is a much better painting. So it is a real artists darling, and an always welcome guest at any art group exhibition or show.
It's only €325,- 

Heesters der Schilderkunst

Yes these must be the famous Shrubs of Painting !
A donated painting with some art book text glued on there.

Art & Keesie

Once they where a very well known couple, an everybody shouted there names here in the Netherlands, those where the days my friend !  1250,-

Museum for red paintings

This is a painting for the museum for red paintings.
the museum is still in the planning phase, but if you purchase this painting, you can already call yourself a museum director


Here we have a "unnoticed unmarked marker", framed for you to be noticed at last. 
Sold !

Hulde aan de Schilderkunst

It's a dutch tribute to the old art of painting.
Not for sale !

Piece of Canada (roundabout art proposal)

Replace the middle of a Dutch roundabout with a piece of green Canadian soil, because they say its allways greener overthere.
this idea has not been implemented yet, but it is for sale !


This art scarecrow works the opposite way around, its not to scare of but to attract people to the art's.
Lost !

We hebben u gewist

I rotated the letter M to become a W, and so the post man's message get's a whole new meaning. It reads "we have erased you" instead of "we have missed you"

Lost !

Monument 4&5 May

The first idea drawing of the monument for Stichting 4 en 5 Mei Leidsche Rijn. The Board asked me to come up with an idea for a Commemoration and Celebration monument, 4 May we commemorate victims of war, on 5 May we celebrate our freedom. i thought it was impossible to merge these two total opposites in one monument at first . But i took a step back and came up with this 4 that's also a 5. After 5 years of preparing and funding it was realized and its now on permanent display at the Berlijn Plein in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Houvolle Melk

After the first speech on television by our prime minister Mark Rutte during te beginning of the Corona pandemic, i pitched this idea of Houvolle melk to Campina Netherlands. The idea was to ad the word "hou" to the normal text "Volle"  so it would read "HouVolle" wich means "keep up" and a percentage of milk sold would go to the overworked and under paid healthcare workers. This great idea was turned down by Campina !

Action Painting.

Combining the logo of one the most successful supermarket chains in the Netherlands with the old craft.

Someone is typing a comment . ......

Idea for a t'shirt  that holds the expectation of the viewer.

A Tree year rings car design

For Jan's "The Tree house Gang" i made this never getting old design for his Toyota Hilux.

Very enthusiastic workshop participants !

After an workshop "Yes, you can do that to !"
Where you can undertake the challenge to make your own art using an old painting. Contact me if you and your gang want me to guide you into the great world of art making !

Art Roundup (all you VVD'ers pay attention!)

The art's and its makers, they're low-down stubborn little rascals. And we at AR understand them like no other. So if you have a art control problem, you can bet we have a art control product for it. One that'll get you to kicking back, pour yourself's a drink and let's you enjoy your great art free environment.