Vj set to Hello Darkness by Bay B Kane, music used with kind permission !

Vj short set, using only found stuff und VDMX, music: Oscollations by Silver Apples.

Vj short set, using only found stuff, music: Oscollations by Silver Apples.

live Vj Routine using (with kind permission) the track F-zero by FJAAK & Tobi Neumann #VJ #live 

St Stooge by El Zombie.

 Here's another video i did for my friends El Zombie ! for St Stooge i used footage i shot in a squatted restaurant in #demeern combined with found black and white footage from Archive.

I'am a Ghost by El Zombie.

This video is made with archival footage rescanned from a circuit bend (a bit broken) monitor

Kraftwerk Vocoder by bFAKE (DJ Dmitry Remix)

Kraftwerk Vocoder by bFake
bFake is PinKi & da Bruin and DJ DNA
I used lots of Prelinger archive footage,  rescanned  from a prepared monitor on which a set of mirrors were placed.
Contact me if you want help or more info on this setup.


TBS DUB (live @ Altrecht) by Dj DNA.

DNA Dubbing TBS (Together Brother Soundsystem)
Video from Arjen's live performance shot @ Klank studio's Den Dolder.

WOKE! by DJ DNA ft. ShiNRI tEE and bFAKE.

Video i did with DNA for Woke's sake !
featuring Shinri Tee, bFake and Dj DNA 

Footage shot by:
Ate von Hes in Leidsche Rijn,
Cecile Fontaine in France,
Jhelisa de Vreede in South Africa.
additional footage from Prelinger archives.

Delectroid by Dj DNA

A new vid i did for an somewhat older acid tune by the one and only master of styles and trades, Dj DNA !

kickout COVID Marathon, Live stream from dB's Utrecht.

Together with Dj DNA i did my Vj thing during a 5 hour corona proof live set from dB's Utrecht.

Rock 'n' roll alien by El Zombie

 For there second album "Kommando"  i shot this video on location in #Simpelveld Limburg. The simple act of turning the camera upside down offers us the viewpoint of an Rock n Roll Alien on the lose.

Square One! Doe jij mee?
Begin met het zwarte vierkant. Maak een animatie van 10 tot 30 seconden. Eindig  met een zwart vierkant. Wij plakken alles aan elkaar en we bekijken alles samen tijdens de volgende perceptie-matinee op 25 Juni, van 15 tot 19 uur,  bij het nut, Berlijnplein Utrecht.
Ate en Max, Square Heads. 

beeld 1920x1080 px
vierkant 500x500 px in het midden
max 30 sec HD kwaliteit
WeTransfer naar ate@atevonhes.com

rampoi 5380

Drama on the high seas, with full batteries
camera: Pieter W Postma
screened at:
HDfest website
State of the Image DZIGA, Arnhem, NL
Festival De Wereld van Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL
ketel tv, Rotterdam, NL
Lekart Culemborg NL
New York Video Festival. New York, USA
Virginia Film Festival, Charlottesville, USA
DUTCH OPEN International Festival for Dutch Film- and Video-Art De balie Amsterdam NL
Cinematiek #8, Filmtheater 't Hoogt Utrecht NL
PAUZE!, Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL
Test-Portal international now art, amsterdam NL
Rotterdam VHS Festival #10 Rotterdam, NL
de 1 minuten, theoneminutes, Amsterdam, NL

Far Far Away by Dj DNA Ft. Kurtis Blow.

It's all broken stuff, toys from my kids and a lots of cardboard and household waste i used to make this vid.
And it's all stop and go, no digital trickery !

Rock the Bells

This is your one hit wonder that never sounds the same ! 

!egamad erom (neve)

(dnuos ,roloc) eivom seH nov etA  na

Recyclism !

Recycling art? what is that all about Ate ? and is it really possible for everybody to do that ?

Letzte Stunde.
In 'Letzte Stunde' (Last Hour) the spectator is taken to the realms of magnetism.
The simple act of playing an old vinyl record becomes a humorous clash between science & culture.
The unpredictable trajectory of the hovering loudspeaker swoons, as it battles with its own inherent polarity.
Stand in the magnetic field of Life & have your head spun.(Ben Part)
screened at: Tijdelijk Museum Amsterdam, ketel tv Rotterdam,
FLOSSsound VHDG, ground one festival Den Haag, Lekart Culemborg, Rotterdam vhs festival, Cinematiek 12, t hoogt Utrecht NL, Impakt AV-BBQ, Utrecht NL.

Yes, you can do this too! (Ja, zo kan jij het ook !)

During a recyclism workshop "Ja, zo kan jij het ook!"  you can undertake the challenge to make your own art using an old painting. Contact me if you and your gang want me to guide you into the great world of art making !

re-using Super 8 film.

i wanted to do a music video with existing super 8 material, and started to experiment to see how i could alter it for my needs.
I had a lot of help from "Super 8: An Illustrated History" by Danny Plotnick.
There's also lots of info to be found online, i you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
want to see the whole video ? https://youtu.be/ky-u8r5Fnvw

O O O Ate !

it's just more shameless self promotion folks !
No ballon's were harmed in any way shooting this video.

Schön und Dunkel - Dj DNA

Heavily re-cycled, re-worked, re-processed, burnt and hand colorized super 8 footage that suits the sound very well in this music video i did for DNA 

check my how to re-use Super 8 video 

How To Make Your Own Animated Movie!

I kindly asked this famous artist to explains how to make your own animated movie in a few simple steps.
So here's how to do it kid's, go make your own !

Leidsche Rijn Werkt  !

Stop motion video i made from recycled cardboard  promoting "Leidsche Rijn Werkt" wich went to become Zpot De Meern.
It was a network and workplace for local entrepreneurs in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht that i initiated together with my friend Frank Verschoor.

All nine Fine !

These nine great records cut together make this one hit !

Stay of the Boos !

Tjitske's monsters to the rescue !
So when in need of something strong, call Tjitske !

In the Car by bFAKE

More Prelinger archive footage in this car vid.

Love to the Bottom by Mondroof.

This video for Utrecht based Mondroof i made with Footage from Prelinger archive's  and life shots i did @dB's Utrecht.

Jampampam by Sictor Vilvester and his excelsis deo.

HongKongGeorge proudly presents yet another dumpsterphonic's track featuring his friend Sictor Vilvester.

Depressor Man by El Zombie.

Only Re-worked and re-used super 8 in this vid
Recorded at dB's Utrecht by Jan Wouter Stam en DJ DNA, mix and additional synths by DJ DNA, thanks to David Defares en Warner van de Lustgraaf. A "Grandma plays the numbers" production.

Get starborn with Ate Von Hes !

Yes i know, you want to be a star just as i am
Remember most changes are well favored right now !

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